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We're happy to offer advice and consultancy on a basis to suit you. We can work at your offices or remotely from our own desks and are happy to look at one-off problems and short-term projects or provide more general IT cover on an on-going basis or to augment an existing team. We can spec and design systems; develop and troubleshoot new software; install, configure, debug, back-up, test and manage your systems; or train your staff, hand-hold them with new projects or simply help get the job done (we're not too proud to clear paper jams, solder broken leads or sit mail-merging letters and stuffing envelopes if that's what you need).

Unix consultancy

We work extensively with Unix and Linux tools and shell scripting such as as awk, sendmail, procmail, cron, secure shell, ftp, wget and Ghostscript.

Web and e-mail server setup

We can help to configure web and e-mail servers, paricularly Linux based using Apache and sendmail. We can host services for you on our servers or help to set up your own machines on site or co-located in a data center. Even if you have existing internet hosting, think about a server located on your own network using your existing ADSL broadband connection. A local server can sort and deliver mail right to your user's desktops, provide gigabytes or terrabytes of web space for shared documents, photos, images and archives as well provide direct links to your ordering or stock control systems.

Network configuration and trouble-shooting

We've experience of many LAN and network products and protocols and can specify and configure networks or help improve performance and security. We can help with cross-platform networks linking PCs and Macintoshes such as Samba configuration and with reliable connectivity via ADSL broadband with fall-back to ISDN or modem.

Wireless networks, hotspots and access points

We can help with wireless network setup, for private use, for public 'hotspots' or both. We've experience with external antenna, repeaters and bridges to solve coverage problems and provide a high-performance service.

Domain names and DNS

Anyone can register a domain name on-line these days but we can help if you run into difficulty configuring or transferring a name or if you need services that you current ISP or registrar doesn't or won't provide. We've helped in the past to recover names that have expired, purchase names our customers have always wanted or simply to get clients back on the web when their own IT or support people have been stuck.

The doctor is in. Ask here


Meet Piglet Our latest office stalwart, Piglet provides a third of a terrabyte of web space locally connected to our office network, providing shared file space and hosting our image library (allowing staff and clients to browse and retrieve photos and images from anywhere with a net connection). Piglet also hosts a handful of small websites, monitors up-time on sites we host or manage for clients and backs-up our e-mail, placing any attachments on-line so that we can pick them up from any browser anywhere. Not bad for an old Compaq off e-bay, a new hard disk and a low-cost broadband connection. Piglet's picture is hosted on Piglet... so if you can see it, you know he's up and working.

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