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PC Applications and Utilities Development

Strange Software can design and develop applications and utilities for Windows PCs and Unix systems. These include custom applications for in-house use, software developed for retail sale and applications or utilities developed for bundling or to give-away as promotional gifts. So if you're thinking that there must be someone, somewhere who can write this stuff, there is... and we're not a million miles away.

We can work to your detailed specification or start just with your idea and design a suitable product from the ground-up (in most cases, we operate somewhere in-between, contributing our own ideas to your plans or adapting what we're doing to suit your own preferences and suggestions). We are happy to make a new product fit-in with existing hardware or software products... we can match the user-interface and general design of a sister product, reproduce the behaviour of an old, legacy package and create something that's file-format compatible with the other products you market.

Some of our completed projects include:

  • Windows pop-up note taking application
  • Illustrated drag-and-drop Windows desktop calendar
  • Easy-to-use label printing/database utility
  • Point-and-click multimedia business card designer
  • High-speed document retrieval system
  • PC file manager
  • PC display capture and print utility
  • Text editor
  • Interactive demo disk for a major PC database package
  • Horticultural library on CD-ROM
  • PC utility suite

Strange Software applications have been published or purchased by clients including BBC Worldwide, British Gas, BT, Dorling Kindersely, ICL, Merrill Lynch, Royal Horticultural Society, VNU Business Publications and Ziff-Davis.

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Packaged software

Shrink-wrapped Solutions Strange Software has developed a number of retail boxed products for both software and more general publishers.


Cartoon Calendar

Cartoon Calendar A drag-and-drop desktop calendar for Windows, first published with a funny cartoon on each week-to-view page as a premium for a computer magazine publisher but maintained for many years for regular users including one who used it to schedule their company's air freight!


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