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Website Design

Strange Software produces effective, dynamic websites. Our technical expertise allows us to create smart-looking sites with reliable and effective e-commerce, database or dynamic features. Our publishing experience allows us to write copy, design graphics and produce pages to a professional standard. And our business approach allows us to work with you to host, manage, update and run your site, as appropriate, to ensure you get successful and effective results.

A living, breathing website

Being on the web is much more like broadcasting to your users, customers and visitors than it is handing them a static leaflet or brochure. Almost all websites benefit hugely from regular updating. A dynamic, regularly updated site...

  • Shows you are alive, in business and on the ball
  • Promotes regular and repeat visits or sales
  • Keeps you in with search engines (some re-index and rank based on how much or how little your pages change)
  • Becomes an integral part of your operation... it encourages new developments and marketing activities

We see dynamic pages and effective content management systems as an integral part of a website. Time, money and effort is far more effectively spent here than on fancy opening graphics and animation; dramatic opening splash page animations produced with Flash may look good but are typically skipped over by the majority of visitors and quickly become an irritant for regularly users.

Strange Software typically provides some content management and automated updating service with even the simplest or smallest of sites. We provide software that lets a small business owner or organisation easily publish news and notices their home pages or update their price list or the range of products on sale or maintain a calendar or diary of events.

Web designers with little or no technical ability are often limited to offering third-party packaged content management systems which can be awkward to use and are limited in the way information is presented. So news pages look like classified ads or diary pages look like database listings. As programmers, we develop, customise and maintain our own content-management software and can therefore provide an easy-to-use solution that's tailor-made for the job in hand.

We provide the data entry features you need, from a minimal fill-in-the-blanks pages for updatable text or data to our full Storydesk news publishing system. We then generate fully-formatted final pages appropriate to your website design with the relevant content inserted appropriately. Our content-management systems typically run over the web themselves so that pages and information can be updated at anytime from anywhere without the need for users to install or learn particular packages. Our software can also work with almost any web space and web hosting account with basic ftp access.

E-Commerce and retail sites

We provide successful e-commerce solutions.

Our own shopping cart software has been installed for several sites, providing convenient and reliable on-line shopping with automatic calculation of postage and packing, e-mail notifications and secure order display. We can integrate with payment gateways such as Worldpay, Paypal and Netbanx, take and deliver secure orders directly to the client's sales department or provide payment on account or by cheque facilities to businesses not yet set up to handle real-time payments.

Having our own shopping software gives us the flexibility to address specific or unusual needs, such as multi-currency sites, trade and account sales with specific customer pricing or re-ordering options or to deal with awkward products, such as those sold by weight, volume or pack size.

We've also worked with a successful site based around the popular Actinic shopping-cart software and are happy to work with other third-party e-commerce products where appropriate.

Words and Pictures

We've met a lot of businesses that not only don't have a website but don't have the staff, time or expertise to create one... not just on the technical and design side but also in copywriting, illustration and photography. This makes much sense... why should someone whose business is theatre or manufacturing plastic bottles or looking after sick animals necessarily be equipped to produce and run a professional standard website?

Our experience and contacts at Strange allows us, when appropriate, to provide a full-service including graphic design, copywriting and photography, making us a useful one-stop shop for many web projects.

What's more, we're more than happy to have an on-going role in managing and maintaining a website. For example, having supplied a news management system to one client, we found it best for us to produce regular news items for the client based on their notes or a verbal description. In another case, we regularly pop out for a client with our digital camera to illustrate new items without taking up the client's time or running up studio photography bills.


We run several web servers with high-performance, reliable connectivity based in Docklands, London and in the US and are happy to provide web hosting and management for our customers from as little as £20 + VAT per month for a basic service. This is a commercial rate for a commercial-standard of service (yes, we know you can get cheaper or even free web-space elsewhere) that includes excellent up-time and performance, server monitoring and daily back-up along with real technical support and expertise when it's needed.

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Sowerbys screenshot

Sowerbys Estate agent website with automatic daily updates of property listings from third-party database, easy end-user news updates, local picture slideshow and on-going custom designed pages for new developments


Focus on Birds screenshot

Focus on Birds Smart redesign for straightforward simple website for a local birdwatching tour company


Blademail screenshot

Blademail Clean, sharp and successful redesign of Actinic-based e-commerce site for web-based mail order business


Wells Lifeboat screenshot

RNLI Wells Designed and produced on a voluntary basis for Wells Lifeboat Station.


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